Bookkeeping By Mary
Luke 16:10 "Whoever can be trusted with little can also be trusted with much..."

Pricing for Bookkeeper and Accounting Services will be determined and based on the individual needs of your business. I have included a base price list for individual services, but based upon services selected there will be  pricing adjustments and combinations packages. 
Initial Set-up: includes simple basic interview to understand your company needs and gather your information. An example of what information would be bank accounts, checking, savings, merchant, credit cards. I will also need your accounts payable and accounts receivables, sales tax information, depreciation charges, and payroll information.                                                      $100.00
The bookkeeping charges for a company with transactions of                            100 or less = $50.00
                              200 or less = $100.00
                              300 or less = $150.00
                              400 or less = $200.00
                              and so on....
   (keep in mind that if you end up with for example,110             transactions for a month the price will be adjusted                   accordingly. A transaction consist of checks, deposits,             credit cards, and petty cash. This gives you an idea of             what you are looking at)
   If you are in need of months of caught up, we will look at        that and price it on an individual case.  
   Payroll will be handled for $10.00 an employee.
   Preparation of Federal Payroll Quarterly Tax Returns $25.
   Preparation of W-2s, W-3s & 1099s  $25. 
   Preparation of Sales Tax Report  $25.  
   Preparation of financial statements $25. 
   New Hire Paperwork $25.
   Set-up and establish New Hire paperwork $40.
   Yearly maintenance of tax exempt customers done yearly           $40.                                   
(The above prices are for individual events, if you choose us as your monthly bookkeepers these rates will be included with a combination pricing.)
The Clerical Word Documents will be quoted as needed.
Just e-mail us what it is your looking for and we will quote you accordingly.   
Tax preparation will be handled on an individual basis.